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Timelenders is a personal development and training firm with a vision of helping individuals and organizations develop meaningful existence. We believe that a meaningful life and existence can be had by having:

  • A worthy and powerful individual or organization vision
  • The ability to prioritize our individual and organizational lives around this vision and to drive this prioritization through determination
  • The ability to share this vision with others and then to inspire people to pursue this shared vision


To achieve the above we employ trainings, coaching and consulting.

Since our beginning in 2002, thousands of people and hundreds of companies have used our services to develop worthy visions, bring order in their lives and organizations, develop determination and a sense of direction, increase their competence, develop their character and leadership: all leading towards a meaningful existence. We have trained thousands of people from over 75 nationalities and our corporate clientele includes nine Fortune 500 and 14 Forbes Global 2000 companies.






  • Mr. Altaf-ur-Rehman

    Director HR - Pfizer Laboratories Ltd.

    Both ‘Time Management’ & ‘Negotiation Skills’ trainings left a lasting impact on almost all of the 100 persons who went through them. These highly interactive sessions were full of lively discussions which brought a profound change both professionally and personally in the lives of trainees with some of them undergoing revolutionary change from day one. This was possible through Suleman Ahmer’s command on the subject and his interactive delivery style which were the hall mark of the sessions.

    Key and practical concepts including the 4 Quadrants, importance of promise, etc, learnt during the Time Management trainings have been shared, talked and used by many in the company.


  • Aslam Mohsin Ali

    CEO - Arabian Sea Country Club

    Overall excellent workshop. Unusual concept and delivery understandable by all. Superbly carried a mixed group (Many of the participants attended a formal training for the first time). Practical and pragmatic with useful tools and form handouts.





Timelenders conducts its workshops and trainings throughout the year. Timelenders works closely with organizations for consulting engagements. Our services are available in the following countries:

  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Pakistan


Timelenders keeps in mind budgets of organizations when devising fee structures. Talk to us about your situation and we can come up with a solution that will meet your budget and be viable for us.


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