Do you want to define your strategic vision, but struggle with the overwhelm?

If you've attended the Strategic Visions workshop, you know that it's vital to live a vision-oriented life. You know that it's the key to living a meaningful life and reaching your full potential.

And since you attended, you've become much more conscious of living a vision-led life. Most likely, you've even begun forming a vision in your mind.

But have you taken the step to actually write it down?

Having a vision in your head is better than nothing. But whilst it might seem clear in your head, it's only when you start writing it down that you realise how many gaps and contradictions there are.

That's because building a vision is a massive undertaking.

For example, visioning your role as a parent opens the door to visioning for your children. Visioning for them makes you realise that you need to be a good example for them. So you go back to visioning for yourself.

As you then vision for one role, you realise the implications in another role. And the cycle goes around and around.

And then the overwhelm kicks in.

Where do I start? Where do I go next? What do I do? Am I doing it right? Am I doing it wrong? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to be doing? This is too much. This is going to take too long. No, I can't do this.

And, like everyone else, you put it off until later.

But later never comes. Why? Because visioning, despite being the single most important act of your life, is the least urgent of them all.

But, what if you could get a helping hand?

What if you could get your vision facilitated by experts? Experts that have facilitated many other visions.

What if they could take you through it, helping you build the core of your vision step-by-step and answering all of your questions?


The Strategic Vision Retreat

The Strategic Vision Retreat is a 4 day intensive residential for graduates of the Timelenders Strategic Visions and Strategic Time Management courses.

It gives you the chance to get away from the routine of daily life and focus on building your vision with the help of detailed instruction, experienced supervision and a conducive environment.

It is limited to just 18 people and takes place only 4 times per year.

It gets you moving, inspires you, helps you make real progress and helps you master the lifelong skill that you can tap into when you return home.

"The vision retreat is where you go to get serious about your strategic vision. Without going, you'll just keep on dreaming about what could be, but not knowing how to make it a reality."

Fahed Bizzari

Attend the retreat to be...

Jolted into action

Although we live on auto-pilot for most of our lives, you can't build a vision that way.

To make things worse, getting out of auto-pilot isn't easy.

It requires a massive jolt.

And you get that jolt at the retreat by way of a facilitated self-audit.

A self-audit that helps you realise where you really want to be, where you really are today and where you're really headed to if you don't take action.

"I wanted to go through the entire Timelenders' System of workshops, and the next on the list was the Strategic Vision Retreat.

The retreat was slightly expensive so I had to work on making some arrangements to get enough money to attend.

I really liked the grilling as well as building the physical manifestation of my Ummati vision. I also liked the venue, which was frankly quite amazing. I also enjoyed interacting with the other excellent people which Allah (SWT) had brought to the workshop.

I would like to advise everyone reading this that you cannot understand the value of the Strategic Visioning and Strategic Time Management workshops, unless you have gone through the entire process. And the last step of the process is the Vision Retreat."

Muhammad Qasim Siddiqui

"The retreat was slightly expensive so I had to work on making some arrangements to get enough money to attend."

Attend the retreat to...

Be inspired

Cast your memory back to when you attended the Strategic Visions workshop.

Remember how inspired you were. Remember how excited you were about the possibilities, the impact, the importance, the potential for your future and the future of those around you.

If you're like most people, that inspiration died down a long time ago.

And whilst your soul may crave a way forward, visioning is a creative exercise and you can't do much without inspiration.

At the retreat, you'll get the inspiration you need.

You'll hear from and be able to interact with real-life visionaries, helping you see how visions are formed, evolved and then realised.

And as you take part in interactive sessions with other delegates and watch other visions take shape, you'll get personal insights and aha moments that motivate you to turn your dreams into reality.

"I wanted to have a vision-led life and so I discussed it with some Timelenders family members. And they told me in order for me to set my vision as a frame for my life, I needed to attend the retreat.

Before going to the retreat, I found visioning was a very complicated task, but the retreat made quite it understandable. It is amazing to see that the vision already existed in my mind but I didn't know how to put it on paper.

The retreat is all about putting your future on paper and then shaping that future. All that remains is for us to work hard."

Abdul Jamil

"Before going to the retreat, I found visioning was a very complicated task."

Attend the retreat to...

Enjoy complete focus

One of the biggest challenges that keep Strategic Vision graduates from making a real start with their visions is that day-to-day life is so full of distractions.

You have work, family, kids, problems, etc. And because all of these distractions occupy your mind, you can't get the focus you need to make things happen.

And because those distractions aren't ever going to leave you, taking part in the retreat gives you an opportunity to leave them.

This is one of the main reasons why the retreat is residential program that takes place far away from all of these distractions.

You "retreat" from the distractions of daily life, giving you the chance to get strategic about the daily life you want to have and the future it will take you to.

"I heard about the retreat during my Strategic Visioning Workshop in Islamabad and I decided to attend the retreat in order to give a practical shape to my visions.

My favorite element of the retreat was thinking about my purpose and building a vision and strategy to meet that purpose, while in the isolated resort in Putrajaya, Malaysia. After all, a life without purpose or a vision to achieve is the life of the walking dead.

I also enjoyed meeting people from diverse backgrounds. The retreat was a complete spiritual, mental and physical vacation."

Junaid Kalim

"The retreat was a complete spiritual, mental and physical vacation."

Attend the retreat to...

Make tangible progress

The biggest obstacle that everyone faces is getting your strategic vision off the ground. But once it's off the ground, taking it further becomes much easier.

Driven by the motivation, inspiration and focus which you get at the retreat, along with the hand-holding of facilitators, the retreat gives you a real opportunity to do just that - get it off the ground.

And, although strategic visioning is an ongoing process, you'll be very surprised how much progress you can make in just 4 days.

"I wanted to design my business life and family life, so I asked Yameenuddin Ahmad for advice, and he suggested that I got to the Strategic Vision Retreat.

I greatly benefited from the huge amount of new ideas I got in the workshop from the presenters and the other delegates.

I spent my time at the workshop planning for myself, my kids and my family.

What I now tell people is that they can either choose to live the 'default' life like everyone else, or they can choose to design their life. If they want to design their life, then they should go to the retreat."

Fazal ur Rahman Al Abbasi

"I spent my time at the workshop planning for myself, my kids and my family."

Attend the retreat to...

Master the Process

The purpose of coming to the retreat isn't just to make progress with your vision and then leave.

Rather it's for you to be able to return home and make progress with any vision that you want at any time and to even help others with theirs.

At the Strategic Visions workshop, your learned about the Strategic Visions framework. But implementing the framework is a process that has been evolved over many years and, at the retreat, you'll master the process.

You'll understand the steps you have to take and the differences when visioning for each of your different roles.

And, of course, you'll get your work audited by the facilitators so that you can walk away certain that you've understood it all very well.

"I knew about the retreat from the various Timelenders courses, but I made the decision to go when I sat down to start materializing my vision and felt completely overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start or how.

I also had to get a babysitter for my children whilst I was away. But it was worth it.

In the retreat I was finally able to get the know-how in building a vision. While working on my visions I had others to assist and support me, which was very helpful and inspiring. It was also very inspiring indeed to see other attendees' visions taking shape and seeing impactful ideas being born.

I was also extremely motivated by listening to the success stories of other visionaries.

Before I came to the retreat, I used to think that I only needed to attend it once, and that will be enough. But now, I have decided that will be coming more often, so that I can remain motivated and on track."

"I also had to get a babysitter for my children whilst I was away. But it was worth it."

If you're serious about your future, the next retreat is in...                           

Karachi (Pakistan) | March 22 - 25 2018 (Thu-Sun)

The next Vision Retreat takes place in Karachi, Pakistan at the beautifulDreamworld Resort.

The investment is:
90,000/- PKR (For single occupancy)
75,000/- PKR (For twin sharing).

Fee includes:
Where Do You Want To Go and Understanding Sound Ideology workshops
Facilitation of vision document
Three months online coaching from Reinvent Yourself platform
Opportunity to meet other visionaries from Timelenders Family
Four night accommodation with meals in Dreamworld Resort facilities

The retreat happens just 4 times per year (2 in Malaysia and 2 in Pakistan) and just 18 seats remain.

So please reserve your place as quickly as possible.

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"I wanted to attend the Strategic Visioning Retreat so that I could get help in making a road map of the visions in my mind about all the roles in my life. Until I saw the cost of the retreat… I had to argue with myself to convince myself to go... I knew that I would benefit from the retreat… but would it really be worth the cost? I decided to go anyway, and I found that the cost has no match with the benefits I got from this workshop. The biggest benefit that I got was the inspiration to build a legacy that would continue even after my death. I also learnt the process to articulate visions in different roles of life. I also built my 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 year road maps. I also got to network with one of the best groups of people I had ever met. It's very rare to work in a group that gives you inspiration both spiritually and worldly. Now I have access to lots of visionary people while having sincere relationships, who can assist me in achieving my visions as well. Another thing that I really loved was the great lifestyle that we followed over the 4 days of the retreat. It was ideal. I would advise everyone to attend the retreat."

Emran Assad Khan

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