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Bridging Differences: The Art of Creating Agreements

The ‘Bridging differences’ workshop will introduce you to the skills of resolving differences and arriving at agreements whether they are at work, home or social settings. Learn the techniques on how to handle disagreements in difficult situations so that long term, sustainable and peaceful resolutions are achieved and winning situations are created for all parties involved.

The Challenges

  • How do I convince my boss for a raise when he seems to have other priorities on his mind?
  • How to settle a deal between the two companies when their stances seem to be diametrically opposite?
  • How do I convince my daughter of her need to switch the company of friends that she is associating with?
  • How do I proceed in convincing my husband that we need to move to another locality and reduce our expenditure?
  • What do I do when the other party uses unethical ways in resolving conflicts?

The Contents

  • An elegant framework for approaching differences and arriving at agreements;
  • Focusing on interests and reasons rather than outcomes;
  • The importance of abstaining from lies and deceit while arriving at solutions;
  • The major obstacles to generating creative options and how to overcome them;
  • Developing a BATNA (Your best alternative to a Negotiated Agreement);
  • The Islamic take on the subject;
  • Group exercises.

Length of training

Spread over 14 instructional hours, the workshop is an interactive amalgamation of lecture sessions, individual and group exercises, presentations by the participants, and quizzes. Depending on the profile of the participants, we customize the workshop’s layout. Concepts developed in different modules are unified at the end. A minimum of two days is required. Sometimes on request, the number of days is increased for reducing the hours per day.

Delivery Options

  • Open house trainings
  • On-site corporate trainings

What you receive

  • Workshop Manual


By learning the fundamentals of this workshop you will be able to:

  • settle differences and manage conflicts effectively;
  • arrive at creative solutions;
  • create win-win situations for all parties involved;
  • reach a consensus rather than a compromise.
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