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Effective Leadership through Character

Our success at work and generally in life depends upon how well we can lead our teams, our families and most important of all, ourselves in these challenging times. A personal character worthy of the vision that we have is critical to our ability to lead; yet unfortunately this element gets sidelined and ignored not only by people but also by the academics and professional discourse on leadership. This workshop is designed to highlight this critical aspect of leadership which can yield phenomenal improvement in how we lead others and ourselves.

The Challenges

  • What is character and how is it developed?
  • How to determine which character traits are worthy for the meaning that we are looking for in our lives?

The Contents

  • The importance of creating meaning in our personal and professional lives
  • The importance of leadership in the fulfillment of this meaning in our lives
  • The four basic elements of leadership including character
  • Introduction to the meaningful life framework
  • Couple of case studies of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership

Length of training

Spread over 14 instructional hours, the workshop has lecture sessions & individual and group exercises. Different modules are developed and brought together at the end. Depending upon the participants, the workshop’s layout is customized.

Delivery Options

  • Open House trainings
  • On site corporate trainings

What you receive

  • Workshop Manual


  • Know how to develop the character of leadership
  • Determine which character traits are worthy
  • Developing a meaningful life metaphor
  • Developing a personal game plan to enhance personal leadership skills
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