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Understanding Sound Ideology

To give the participant an in-depth understanding of his/her ‘Ultimate Purpose’ and ‘Sound Ideology’ with concrete evidences in the presence of scholars. We know that this is the foundation for the whole process of building a personal vision.

This one day workshop will serve as a pre-requisite, along with Strategic Visions and Strategic Time Management workshop, for the Vision Retreat where we will facilitate the participants on developing and refining their visions in different roles of their lives.

The Challenges

We have experienced that after taking the Strategic Visions Workshop, many of our participants would like to develop long term worthy visions and during this visioning process they question themselves on certain points like:
  • Am I living with the correct ultimate purpose?
  • Is the ideology that I hold sound and correct?
  • How can I determine my sound ideology?
  • How can I extract my ultimate purpose from the sound ideology?
We used to discuss these and other related questions in our Vision Retreat but now we have decided to take that module out of our Vision Retreat and launch a one day exclusive workshop so that the number of people who can benefit is increased.

The Contents

  • Extracting ultimate purpose from sound ideology
  • The difference between an ideology and sound ideology
  • Determination of a sound ideology
  • What makes an ideology sound?
  • Give yourself a challenge - writing your ultimate purpose
  • Linking of ultimate purpose with our ultimate visions
  • Timelenders’ ‘Where do you want to go workshop’

Length of training

Spread over 8 instructional hours, the workshop has lecture sessions & individual and group exercises. Different modules are developed and brought together at the end. Depending upon the participants, the workshop’s layout is customized.

Delivery Options

  • Open House trainings
  • On site corporate trainings

What you receive

  • No material


  • Develop and refine their visions in different roles of their lives
  • Checking of ultimate purpose
  • Determine sound ideology
  • Extract ultimate purpose from sound ideology
Will be updated soon!
Will be updated soon!