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Sleep Management


Sleep Management is essential for everyone. Learn what sleep is all about. Something that takes up one third of our lives should be worth knowing about. This 1 day workshop has been designed to help us better understand sleep in light of the available scientific knowledge and Islamic concepts.

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The Challenges

  • I have a hard time falling asleep
  • Why is my sleep always disturbed?
  • I wake up many times during the night
  • My mind is racing when I lay down to sleep
  • I start work early but feel drained off by the time it is afternoon
  • What is REM sleep?
  • How do I manage my sleep?
  • What is the Islamic take on sleep?
  • Do I really need 8 hours of sleep?
  • What is sleep deprivation?


The Contents

  • What is sleep?
  • Scientific and Islamic perspective on sleep
  • Effective sleep management
  • REM sleep?
  • Sleep deprivation: what and why
  • The 8-hour sleep myth


Length of training

Sleep Management is a 4 hour workshop.


Delivery Options

  • Open House trainings
  • On-site corporate trainings


What you receive

  • No workshop manual is available for this workshop



You will learn:

  • what sleep is all about;
  • what science says about sleep;
  • what Islam says about sleep;
  • to effectively manage your sleep;
  • about the relationship between exercise and sleep.

Videos of Sleep Management recorded at LUMS can be found at the Media Room page

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